Drag the file into the sidebar as shown on the Firebase website. Make sure that the Copy items if needed checkbox is checked. IF you’ve added everything, click on the Next button and proceed to Step 3. @IBAction func photoFromLibrary(_ sender: UIBarButtonItem) { picker.allowsEditing = false picker.sourceType = .photoLibrary picker.mediaTypes = UIImagePickerController.availableMediaTypes(for: .photoLibrary)! picker.modalPresentationStyle = .popover present(picker, animated: true, completion: nil) picker.popoverPresentationController?.barButtonItem = sender } Line 5 selects a presentation style of a popover. We then present the popover. Line 7 sets the reference point for the popover to the bar button item. As I mentioned in another post popovers need a reference rectangle to pop up from. In this case, we can use the UIBarButtonItem which happens to be sender . This is why it was so important to use UIBarButtonItem as the sender type.public func imagePickerControllerDidCancel(_ picker: UIImagePickerController) {self.dismiss(animated: true, completion: nil) } This question already has an answer here: Swift ImagePickerController didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo not fired 1 answer

2019/01/30 Picking images with UIImagePickerController in Swift 5 Learn how to get an image from the photo library or directly from the camera by using the UIImagePickerController class in Swift 5.Are you looking for a video picker as well? 🍿 Check out my another post about picking & playing video files in iOS.Press the Next button on the Firebase console to go to Step 5. Now, all you need to do is run your app on a device and Step 5 will automatically be completed! You should then be redirected back to your Project Overview page.I’ve followed your tutorial but for some reason the “retake’ and ‘use photo’ links aren’t working at all when I call the camera. Have you encountered this?class ViewController: UIViewController { @IBOutlet var imageView: UIImageView! var imagePicker: ImagePicker! override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() self.imagePicker = ImagePicker(presentationController: self, delegate: self) } @IBAction func showImagePicker(_ sender: UIButton) { self.imagePicker.present(from: sender) } } extension ViewController: ImagePickerDelegate { func didSelect(image: UIImage?) { self.imageView.image = image } } The ImagePickerDelegate delegate in this case is the most simple one I can imagine. It just gives the picked image so you're ready to use it. However in some cases you might need a few additonal info from the image picker.

class ViewController: UIViewController { ... func openCamera() { imagePicker.sourceType = .camera imagePicker.delegate = self present(imagePicker, animated: true) } }You will have to conform to both UIImagePickerControllerDelegate and UINavigationControllerDelegateprotocols. UINavigationControllerDelegate is required because UIImagePickerController is a subclass of UINavigationController:        myUIImageView.image = [info objectForKey:UIImagePickerControllerEditedImage];

ios - didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo NOT Called - Stack Overflo

  1. Your next step is to wire up all the outlets and actions. Open the assistant editor.  Control-drag from the pizza photo  image and make an outlet called myImageView. Control drag from the Library button and make an action called photoFromLibrary with a sender of type UIBarButtonItem. This is important for stuff we will do later. Do this again, but with the Photo button and named shootPhoto. Again, make the sender UIBarButtonItem. You can clean up the code a bit if you like. When done you should have something like this:
  2. Add the following method below the button action as shown: -(void)imagePickerController:(UIImagePickerController *)picker didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo..
  3. Now drag out a label to the storyboard. Set the background property to a Light Gray( #AAAAAA) color with a 65% alpha.  Center Align the label text with a 28 point font size. Change the text of the label to read Pizza Cam!!!.  Select the label,  and then  click the pin button . Set the top  8 points,  left and right sides 0 points, but not the bottom, like this:
  4. Next, we handle the logic inside the imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo method. Right below the line imageView.image = pickedImage, type the followin
  5.     if (CFStringCompare((CFStringRef) mediaType,  kUTTypeImage, 0) == kCFCompareEqualTo) {               
  6. 撮影場所. 実装. UIImagePickerControllerDelegateの imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:メソッドは..
  7. Method Detail. didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo. default void didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo(UIImagePickerController picke

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Here’s a quick rundown of everything that went down. It may seem like a lot but it’s quite simple. This will be the basic format for everything else we do for the rest of the tutorial. extension ViewController: UIImagePickerControllerDelegate, UINavigationControllerDelegate { func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info.. With ML Kit, you can perform a variety of machine learning tasks with very little code. One core difference between CoreML and ML Kit is that in CoreML, you are required to add your own models but in ML Kit, you can either rely on the models Google provides for you or you can run your own. For this tutorial, we will be relying on the models Google uses since adding your own ML models requires TensorFlow and an adequate understanding of Python.Just as Apple does a lot for its developer community, another company which goes to great lengths to create amazing tools and services for its developers is Google. In recent years, Google has released and improved its services such as Google Cloud, Firebase, TensorFlow, etc. to give more power to both iOS and Android developers.

RxExtension UIImagePickerController: didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo not called. After some digging I found that didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo is not invoked in the extension of the Picker view func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any]) Here I will only show you the NSURLSession example to upload multiple images to server. - (void)elcImagePickerController:(ELCImagePickerController *)picker didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo..

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This was a really big tutorial, so feel free to scroll back up and review anything you may not have understood. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below.By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails.I hope you found this article helpful.  If you did, please don’t hesitate to share this post on Twitter or your social media of choice, every share helps.  Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on the Contact Page, or on Twitter @CodingExplorer, and I’ll see what I can do.  Thanks!

With ML Kit, you saw how easy it is to implement smart machine learning features into your app. The scope of apps which can be created is large, so here’s some ideas for you to try out: Questions: Looking for a way to use Swift extensions in a separate file or an alternative solution. Creating an extension only works as long as the extension is written in the same file it is being us... func noCamera(){ let alertVC = UIAlertController( title: "No Camera", message: "Sorry, this device has no camera", preferredStyle: .alert) let okAction = UIAlertAction( title: "OK", style:.default, handler: nil) alertVC.addAction(okAction) present( alertVC, animated: true, completion: nil) } Line 2 makes an alert with the proper message. We add an OK action button on lines 6 through 10, then present the alert as a modal in line 11 onwards. With this code, if you run in the simulator, you get this when you attempt to take a picture: In Swift it works like:- func imagePickerController(picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : AnyObject]) Thread 1: Fatal error: Failure converting from Optional(<PartyTime.RxImagePickerDelegateProxy: 0x2810fa9e0>) to RxNavigationControllerDelegateProxy :\

我在这个论坛上使用了一个很好的例子来做到这一点,我很确定调用是正确的,但是从来没有图像。            picture = [info objectForKey:UIImagePickerControllerOriginalImage];             

Choosing Images with UIImagePickerController in Swif

Go back to the Firebase console of your project. Click on the button which says “Add Firebase to your iOS App”.The delegate method is now called func imagePickerController(picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : AnyObject])..(picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : AnyObject]) {. iOS swift中UIImagePickerController的使用(didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo)判断是录像还是照片

RxExtension UIImagePickerController

  1. Build and run the app. It should work amazingly fast! What’s cool is that since resultView is a UITextView, you can interact with it and select on any of the detected data such as numbers, links, and emails.
  2. class ViewController: UIViewController { let imagePicker = UIImagePickerController() ... }Then set the image picker sourceType property to .camera, to make the picker controller use the camera. You will also have to set the delegate in order to be notified when the user selects a picture. After you are done with the setup, present the imagePicker:
  3. The next line of course just sets the image of the UIImageView to be the image we just got pack.  This is analogous to setting the text property of a UILabel to the Swift String that you want to show.

UIImagePickerControllerDelegate didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo giving me an error. func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info.. First, we’ll need an instance of UIImagePickerController.  Put it at class scope, so we don’t have to allocate an entirely new one each time the button is tapped.  We’ll also need to adopt a protocol to properly use UIImagePickerController, the aptly named UIImagePickerControllerDelegate, so make the top of your class look something like this:Be sure to press tab after you type in any number in this popover. It has an annoying habit of forgetting them if you don’t. Select Update Frames: Items of New Constraints towards the bottom.  Click  Add 4 Constraints. In the properties change the View Mode to AspectFit to properly size the photo.

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When the user selects an image, image picker calls the delegate method imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo on the profile picker controller - (void)imagePickerController:(UIImagePickerController *)picker didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:(NSDictionary *)info {

And we define two methods, one that dismisses the popup and another that grabs our image: func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info.. You don’t want to use a UIIMagePickerController. That’s more than it can handle. You’ll need AVFoundation.func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any]) The differences are:There are basically two kinds of media types available: images and movies. You can get the available media type strings for each source type by calling a class method on the picker: UIImagePickerController.availableMediaTypes(for: .camera).Copyright © 2020 imooc.com All Rights Reserved | 京ICP备 12003892号-11 京公网安备11010802030151号

..picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any]) { let image func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info.. imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo When the user double-taps to take a picture, our didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo delegate method is called, just as before To take a picture you can use the camera screen provided by the iOS SDK. It’s called UIImagePickerControllerbecause it’s a view controller that returns an UIImage instance.We need to give it a few options before actually presenting it.  First, we need to set our view controller as the delegate for the UIImagePickerController, to handle a few events.  So, make your viewDidLoad look like this:

didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo NOT Called Swift - ExceptionsHu

Picking images with UIImagePickerController in Swift 5 - The

The camera one is rather self explanatory.  It lets you have the camera as the imageSource.  We can cover this aspect later, for now, let’s just stick to the images saved locally to the user’s device. The images you get from the imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo: UIImagePickerController delegate method do not contain location data Basic UIImagePickerController is relatively easy to implement, but there are a lot of issues it leaves hanging:Camera images are usually bigger than a UIImageView on a device. To shrink them quickly to a visible size, the best way is to set the .contentView property of our UIImageView to .ScaleAspectFit as we do in line 3.

How to Use UIImagePickerController for a Camera and Photo Library in

Swift on the server is an amazing new opportunity to build fast, safe and scalable backend apps. Write your very first web-based application by using your favorite programming language. Learn how to build a modular blog engine using the latest version of the Vapor 4 framework. This book will help you to design and create modern APIs that'll allow you to share code between the server side and iOS. Start becoming a full-stack Swift developer.📖 First edition is just $39 Vandad Nahavandipoor. Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Köln • Sebastopol • Tokyo. iOS 4 Programming Cookbook. by Vandad Nahavandipoor. Copyright © 2011 Vandad Nahavandipoor

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      [MyImageLoader loadImageFromAssertByUrl:[info objectForKey:@"UIImagePickerControllerReferenceURL"]Click the pin button.  Click off Constrain to Margins. Click on all the I-beams, then set their value to 0 points  like the image below: Метод делегата теперь вызывается func imagePickerController(picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : AnyObject]). Я вижу, что ваш..

How to get a path of camera image? i can get the path for using gallery photos. but I need help in this.It will send the data back for us to use in that Swift Dictionary named “info”.  We have to unpack it from there with a key asking for what media information we want.  We just want the image, so that is what we ask for.  For reference, the available options of UIImagePickerController.InfoKey are:

func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info The imagePickerController(_:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:) method tells the delegate the user.. Once a photo has been taken, the method didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo will be called, providing the opportunity to write the image to the Photo Albu I have exactly the same issue. I have 4 image views and 4 gesture controllers and i want each view to display and retain the photo that was selected to it. I am pulling my hair out now. Steve help me pls!!! imagePickerController(_:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:) Language: Swift Objective-C. imagePickerController(_:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:) Tells the delegate that the user picked a.. override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() picker.delegate = self } We have wired up the delegate. Unlike other delegates, there is no required methods. However, this will not work without implementing two methods. At the bottom of the class, add the following:

ios - When I display the UIImagePickerController in aApp Developer

How to Integrate Google ML Kit in iOS for Face Detection Swift Tutoria

Once the image/photo is selected, the appropriate delegate function will be called (for 4.0, it is - - (void)imagePickerController:(UIImagePickerController *)picker didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo.. Cuối cùng, chúng ta sử dụng Inceptionv3 data model để nhận dạng ảnh. các bạn thêm đoạn code sau vào cuối hàm imagePickerController(_ :, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo Next, we’ll check out labelling images. This is much easier than face detection. Actually, you have two options with Image Labelling and Text Recognition. You can either have all of the machine learning done on-device (which is what Apple would prefer since all the data belongs to the user, it can run offline, and no calls are made to Firebase) or you can use Google’s Cloud Vision. The advantage here is that the model will automatically be updated and a lot more accurate since it’s easier to have bigger, accurate model size in the cloud than on device. However, for our purposes, we’ll be continuing everything we have done so far and just implement the on-device version.


  1. public var didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo: Observable<[UIImagePickerController.InfoKey : Any]> { return delegate .methodInvoked(#selector(UIImagePickerControllerDelegate.imagePickerController(_:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:))) .map({ (a) in print("this is a \(a)") // Prints nothing. return try castOrThrow(Dictionary<UIImagePickerController.InfoKey, Any>.self, a[1]) }) } Map block is not executed and nothing prints out.
  2. December 9, 2017 Leave a func imagePickerController(picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info..
  3. 我知道这是几个月后的事,但是我为此苦了几个小时,在这个网站和iphonedevsdk.com上都发现了同样的问题,但从未找到有效的答案。
  4. hey! thx for the good tutorial, what name I can show in the image, if I take the image from gallery, I put an Unique Id but it looks awful
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  6. public func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any]) { let chosenImage = info[UIImagePickerControllerOriginalImage] as! UIImage userImageView.contentMode = .scaleAspectFit userImageView.image = chosenImage dismiss(animated:true, completion: nil) }
  7. @IBAction func shootPhoto(_ sender: UIBarButtonItem) { if UIImagePickerController.isSourceTypeAvailable(.camera) { picker.allowsEditing = false picker.sourceType = UIImagePickerControllerSourceType.camera picker.cameraCaptureMode = .photo picker.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen present(picker,animated: true,completion: nil) } else { noCamera() } } Line 2 uses the class method isSourceTypeAvailable to checks if we have a camera. If there is, run the camera. If not explain to the user the device does has noCamera. For that function, we’ll add an alert like this, using UIAlertController:

Since present checks the class size, you will get the proper behavior on any phone .The iPhone 6s Plus in the simulator does this.

How can I force the UIImagePicker to wait that a button is pressed before it calls didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo This should look very similar to the Barcode Detection function we wrote earlier. Here’s everything that happens: picker.dismiss(animated: true) { } } }. 之前是在func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any])这个函数前面加了.. //MARK: - Delegates func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : AnyObject]) { } func imagePickerControllerDidCancel(_ picker: UIImagePickerController) { } These two methods handle our selections in the library and camera. We can either handle the cancel case with imagePickerControllerDidCancel or handle media with didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo

iOS - Objective-C: Image manipulation and processingios - &quot;errors encountered while discovering extensions&quot; in

Go back to the Firebase webpage and you’ll notice that we have finished Step 3. Click on the next button and head over to Step 4.If you are not familiar with Xcode 8’s interface builder bar and the auto layout icons, here is a guide to help you as we go through setting up the app.This simply sets ML Kit Vision service to be a face detector with the options we defined earlier. We also define the visionImage to be the one we chose. Since we may be running this several times, we’ll want to clear the resultView. func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any]) TO

Like the library, we have another info.plist entry to make. This time we’ll use XML. Right click the info.plist and in the menus select Open As> Source Code:Enter that into the field and click the button titled Register App. You don’t need to enter anything into the optional text fields as this app is not going to go on the App Store. You’ll be guided to Step 2 where you are asked to download a GoogleService-Info.plist. This is an important file that you will add to your project. Click on the Download button to download the file.We’ll be talking about some of the issues with camera on both iPad and iPhone, so we’ll make this a universal app.  We will be using a dab of auto layout as well. If you want a brief introduction to auto layout go over and take a look at my book Practial Autolayout. You won’t need it for this lesson, but it may make what I do a little more understandable.So let's dive in, here is my basic implementation, but you can download a complete example project with video picking as well from The.Swift.Dev. tutorials repository.

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Now, if you really want, you could run this app, and it will show the image picker as advertised.  However, it of course won’t do anything with the image you selected, since we haven’t actually implemented code to do anything with its response yet.We are now being asked to open our workspace and add a few lines of code to our AppDelegate.swift. Open the .xcworkspace (again, not the .xcodeproj. I cannot iterate over how important this is) and go to AppDelegate.swift. didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:(NSDictionary *)info { [[. picker parentViewController] dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES]; UIImage *image = [info objectForKey.. Copy link Quote reply Author GRGBISHOW commented Jan 10, 2019 @MegaGrindStone Thank you very much. www.allitebooks.com. iOS 4 Programming Cookbook. by Vandad Nahavandipoor. Copyright © 2011 Vandad Nahavandipoor. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Published by..

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  1. class ViewController: UIViewController { ... func openCamera() { guard UIImagePickerController.isSourceTypeAvailable(.camera) else { print("camera not supported by this device") return } imagePicker.sourceType = .camera imagePicker.delegate = self present(imagePicker, animated: true) } } Getting the image form the info dictionaryUIImagePickerController give a dictionary with information about the selected media. You can find the UIImageinstance representing the selected image on the UIImagePickerControllerOriginalImage key:
  2. I am using - (void)imagePickerController:(UIImagePickerController *)picker didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:(NSDictionary *)info to return a image taken from the camera inside..
  3.         myUIImageView.image = [info objectForKey:UIImagePickerControllerOriginalImage];
  4. I'm only going to focus on picking edited images, if you'd like to use live photos or movies, you can always customize the ImagePicker class, or create an abstract one and implement subclasses for each media type. I'd do so too. 😅
  5. Getting Image Data with the didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo. func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any]) {
  6. func imagePickerController(picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [NSObject : AnyObject], sender:AnyObject). This is my takePhotoFunction in the UITableViewControlle

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The next line is not strictly-speaking necessary, but without it, the picture will come in and fill as much of the UIImageView as it can, and ignore its normal aspect ratio.  This is actually a property on UIView, which UIImageView inherits from.  The default is UIViewContentMode.ScaleToFill, hence it filling the area as much as it can.  UIViewContentMode.ScaleAspectFit will tell it to fill as much of the screen as it can, while respecting the actual aspect ratio.  Another option is UIViewContentMode.ScaleAspectFill, which also respects the Aspect Ratio, but it fills the entire view, which usually means zooming in such that the whole view is filled, and some of the image is outside of the view.  This one is similar to a way to fit widescreen movies on a 4:3 TV called Pan and Scan.This next step will introduce the idea of Cocoapods. Cocoapods are basically a way for you to import packages into your project in an easy manner. However, there can be a lot of disastrous consequences if any slight error is made. First, close all windows on Xcode and quit the application.

Add a bar button item and a flexible space bar item to the toolbar. In one of the two bar buttons label it Photo and the other Library. Your tool bar and layout should look like this:If you want to take this approach one step further, you can create an abstract class or a protocol that defines the basic functionality and based on that you can implement various media picker controllers to fit your needs. Anyway, my point here was to update an old article, follow me & subscribe for more UIKit tips & tricks!

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  1. This year at Google I/O 2018, Google released a brand new toolkit called ML Kit for its developers. Google has been at the front of the race towards Artificial Intelligence and by giving developers access to its ML Kit models, Google has put a lot of power into its developers.
  2. Change the imagePickerController(_:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:) method of the func imagePickerController(picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info..
  3. So, we got out that part of the dictionary and optionally bound its type-casted form as a UIImage into the constant “pickedImage”.

iphone - didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo返回nil照片 - 程序

  1. @IBAction func shootPhoto(_ sender: UIBarButtonItem) { picker.allowsEditing = false picker.sourceType = UIImagePickerControllerSourceType.camera picker.cameraCaptureMode = .photo picker.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen present(picker,animated: true,completion: nil) } We changed the sourceType property to .camera and specified the cameraCaptureMode property to .photo. The camera, unlike the photo library, is required to be full screen, so we don’t make it a popover, but explicitly a .FullScreen.
  2. Remember how we set this as the UIImagePickerController’s delegate?  We probably should do that now, shouldn’t we?  We need to implement the method “imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:” which is called exactly when it sounds like it should be, when the user picks something.
  3. func : didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo (使用者錄影完後做的事). func : didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo (使用者拍完照後做的事)
  4. start of your imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo: method. var message : Bit6OutgoingMessage = let mediaType = info[UIImagePickerControllerMediaType] as
  5. Getting Image Data with the didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo. func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any]) {
  6. func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info I have the didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo function in the collectionViewController that holds the cell..
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Step 3: Implement the delegate method. func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [UIImagePickerController.InfoKey : Any].. The simpler way is the UIImagePicker. This is a quick way as Swift has simplified much of the code for it.  It is also the best way to fetch photos from the photo album. In this lesson, we’ll set up a basic camera and library app. In upcoming posts we’ll add a few embellishments to it that will make for a more effective camera.Congratulations! You are done with the most challenging part of this tutorial! All that left is adding the ML Kit code in Swift. Now it would be a perfect time to take a break but from now on, it’s just smooth cruising in a familiar code we know!Make a new project SwiftPizzaCam with a single view and using Swift. As already mentioned, make the device Universal.

Interaction with Camera using UIImagePickerControllerios - Image couldn&#39;t be seen in the Image View Area in

Test it out! Try putting it through different types of fonts and colors. My results have shown that it works flawlessly on printed text but has a really hard time with handwritten text.Similar to image labelling, text recognition can be done via Google Cloud and through calls to the model in the cloud. However, we’ll work with the on-device API for now. Copy link Quote reply Blackening999 commented Feb 23, 2019 KUDOS to this guy! http://www.hangge.com/blog/cache/detail_2037.html どうもありがとう尽管Matthew Frederick的回答最受欢迎,并且长期以来一直是适当的回应,从iOS 5.0(苹果可用)开始dismissViewControllerAnimated:completion:,以取代现已弃用的(从iOS 6.0开始)dismissViewControllerAnimated:。I have a UITableViewCell button to take an image and place it back in the cell. When I call the UIImagePickerController and take the image, it doesn’t call the following delegate

// UIImagePickerControllerDelegate Methods func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [String : Any]) { if let image = info.. However, this is beyond the scope of this tutorial. If you do feel up to the challenge, you can implement the code using the documentation found here. The code is also included in the final project.

Next, we’ll be taking a look at Face Detection. Rather than draw boxes around faces, let’s take it a step further and see how we can report if a person is smiling, whether their eyes are open, etc. Copy link Quote reply MegaGrindStone commented Jan 10, 2019 I had same problems, then after digging in Examples, i found out that i'm not implemented this :Sai Kambampati is an app developer. He lives in Sacramento, CA and was awarded with Apple's WWDC 2017 Scholarship. Proficient in Swift and Python, it's his dream to develop an AI product with no third-party APIs. When he's not working on his apps, you can find him binge-watching Netflix, at the gym, or at the library. Follow him @Sai_K1065.

Next, we handle the logic inside the imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo method. Right below the line imageView.image = pickedImage, type the following:You get a new row with a drop down menu. Select Privacy – Photo Library Usage… from the menu.Alert controllers needs a few extra things on iPads, that's why I'm setting up the popoverPresentationController properties in the present method. It's usually enough to set the sourceView and the sourceRect properties, but you can also customize arrow directions. ⬅️➡️⬆️⬇️ self.pickerController(picker, didSelect: nil) }. public func imagePickerController(_ picker: UIImagePickerController, didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo info: [UIImagePickerController.InfoKey..

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