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De PCT trail is opgericht in 1932, toendertijd nog een National Scenic Trail en pas voltooid in 1993. De PCT moet alles symboliseren waar van te houden valt en wat beschermd moet worden in het westen.. Reply Stuart Snow 3 years ago Thanks for the great website. I thru hiked the CT Summer 2015, thanks in large part to your wonderful on line guidance. I’m planning on doing the PCT in 4-6 month-longish section hikes, trying to capture the best time of year for each section. If you were thinking of doing desert, Sierras, NoCal, Oregon and Washington as separate section hikes, what time of year would you do them and would you NOBO or SOBO each section? Any websites that you know of that give advice on section hiking the entire PCT? Thanks again.

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The first place to get any info about the PCT is from the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA). At their web site you can join the association, order guide books, videos, and other merchandise: www.pcta.org    The PCTA has an excellent thru-hike overview as well.The Guthook Guides app is widely used by PCT thru-hikers. Guthook is more of a GPS-enabled trail guide but excellent for PCT hikers in most situations. Pros: Easy downloading of trail data for offline use. Widely used by other PCT hikers. Useful information about town resources (accommodations, resupply, post offices, etc). Waypoint comments by other hikers can be very useful. Cons: Gaia is more useful than Guthook in difficult navigation situations such as large areas of heavy snow or long reroutes around large fire closures. Guthook base maps show only a narrow area along the PCT. Detailed information on PCT50 Trail Run, provided by ahotu Marathons with news, interviews This is an out-and-back course mostly on single track trail along the Pacific Crest Trail in east San Diego.. The guide books to get are: The Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California The Pacific Crest Trail: Northern California The Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon and Washington Follow

Of course, planning for the hike can be exciting. But some times it is inspiring to read other hikers stories or online journals:What does this mean for 2018 Pacific Crest Trail hikers? Halfmile Smartphone Apps will continue to work, but hikers might notice: Yogi's PCT Handbook. Craig's PCT Planner. PCT-L Mailing List. Trail Journals. Halfmile's PCT Maps. Halfmile's Water Report. Mag's Quick & Dirty Guide to the PCT Horses on the PCT. This is another thing that the PCTA covers well, so check the PCTA FAQs. A personal observation is that there are many places where the trail has a very narrow tread.. Disclosure: This website may be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of products to which I link. These sites include Amazon, eBay, REI, Backcountry.com, LA Police Gear, Moose Jaw, Gaia GPS, Six Moon Designs, and ULA Equipment. There is no additional fee for purchasing items through these links.

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..PCT, and CDT to come up with a good estimate of the steepest parts of the Triple Crown trails. Obviously, the steepness of the two trails doesn't entirely reflect the challenges, but it's fun to look at What PCT navigation app can I use instead of the Halfmile app? Gaia GPS is our favorite GPS navigation app. Pros: Powerful GPS navigation tool. Halfmile’s PCT GPS data is easily loaded into Gaia for offline use. Maps other than the PCT can be downloaded so you can navigate around large fire closures. Supports waypoint navigation for difficult situations (across miles of snow, for example). Cons: Learning curve, especially for hikers unfamiliar with GPS navigation.Other Legal Considerations: If you go Southbound, you can no longer legally enter from Manning Park, BC, Canada. The US Govt is very serious about this restriction. Fines of $10,000 have been given to hikers.  Please read this info from the PCTA site for more info. The Greater Patagonian Trail (GPT) is a long-distance route network in the southern Andes that spans from the outskirts of Santiago all the way to southern Patagonia. It's a stunningly beautiful and diverse trail system that guides you in the first part from the semi-desert of the Precordillera into scenic Andes.. If you want a traditional guidebook sans detailed maps, The Pacific Crest Trail by Brian Johnson is .available on Amazon.

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On a related note, getting back into the US.means you will need a passport or what I call the “passport lite” (a card for entrance into the US from Mexico or Canada only). A beginners guide to starting Trail Running 12. Trail riding alone, especially on trails you do not know, is really unwise. 13. Many country trails are rarely maintained. You will find ruts, holes, floods, treacherous surfaces and the occasional booby trap.. The new National Geographic PCT Maps are 11 map booklets, each one covering about 240 miles of trail. The booklets weigh about three ounces each (between 2.8 and 3.2 ounces to be exact) and are printed on waterproof, tear-resistant material.

The Pacific Crest Trail Association's pilot program aims to promote hiking in the area and boost the Northern California's Mt. Shasta has been named the first official Trail Town of the Pacific Crest.. Access Trail - A trail that connects a primary trail to a road, campground, or another trail. Jeff and Donna go out of their way every year to act as trail angels on the PCT

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  1. Postholer.com  has an online version of a PCT databook as well, and a new set of map books. Scott also has an excellent planning utility based on his databook. Postholer also has a neat little, and free, databook app that also has the weather and makes it easy to post journal entries on the Postholer site. For Android only at this time.
  2. “Travel in the Southern Sierra (Kennedy Meadows South to Sonora Pass) must be continuous with no skips or changes in direction. If you exit the Southern Sierra to do more than resupply or wish to re-enter at a different trailhead, perhaps after hiking elsewhere, you must obtain a new permit from the local land management agency if you wish to hike in the Southern Sierra. Your PCT long-distance permit will no longer be valid for travel through the Southern Sierra as your travel is no longer continuous.”
  3. Crater Lake National Park Oregon, showing the Rim Trail alternate that most Pacific Crest Trail hikers will walk.
  4. Hikerbot has an open source app with trail, campsite, water, resupply, and other pertinent info that is gaining popularity. The app is free and the data is freely available to anyone under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3.0 license.  For Android platforms at this time.
  5. Pacific Crest Trail 2019. 4279 km von Mexiko nach Kanada. post@pct2019.org. Ab Januar 2020 sind wir nur noch unter den deutschen Rufnummern erreichbar
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PCT Oregon is a news and resource page for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon. Includes trail condition updates, hiking info and gear reviews Trail Map. Please click an area. Lift operation status is here The PCT Planner A great little program for figuring out your mileage between re-supply points http://www.pctplanner.com/I’ll have a more detailed blog post about this soon, but one interesting thing for Pacific Crest Trail hikers is the availability of the National Geographic PCT Maps in several smartphone apps such as Gaia GPS. Having matching printed maps and smartphone maps is a very powerful combination for hiker navigation.

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If you are finishing the PCT and Manning Park in British Columbia, you will need a permit to enter Canada as you will not be entering an official border checkpoint. This form can be found here.Though approx 90% of all thru-hikers do go north bound, going south bound (SoBo) does have some appeal in addition to unique challenges. A typical SoBo journey starts in July. Reply Author Paul Mags 4 years ago Reply to  Vicki Ross A lot more difficult on the PCT than the AT esp outside of Southern California.

Halfmile's PCT Trail Notes and GPS data will continue to updated — look for 2020 updates on this web site in January. The old Halfmile map PDF files are no longer being updated and have been removed.. Последние твиты от PCT News (@pctnews). News from the Pacific Crest Trail. Send news tips to halfmile@pctmap.net. California, USA Tell It On the Mountain: Simply put, I love this documentary. It captures the experience of the PCT quite well. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a footpath spanning from Mexico to Canada. It's 2650 miles in length - a somewhat unfathomable distance when one considers walking it Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). Add to Favorites. Trail. 2,690.8 mile 4,330.4 kilometer point to point 91% Runnable Difficult. Elevation

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ALDHA Though focused on Eastern hiking, there are PCT, CDT and other Western trail hikers in this org as well. http://www.aldha.org/Over the years, many hikers have helped make Halfmile’s PCT maps better with updates, comments, and suggestions. I am especially appreciative for the months of work by Afloat, Crop Duster, David “White Jeep” Lippke, Tina Lippke, Dal Brandon, Dormouse and Dirt Stew, who spent thousands of hours creating new technology, helping log trails, editing maps and other information about the Pacific Crest Trail.

Along the Pacific Crest Trail. by Bart Smith (photos), Karen Berger and  Dan Smith (text) A book that will make you say “WOW”. Read this book to get inspired to do the PCT! Give it to your family when they ask “Why?” Reply Matt 6 years ago I’ve looked at the Postholer.com online Pacific Crest Trail Data Book and Halfmile’s PCT Maps – there seems to be some pretty major differences in the mileage figures between the two sources for the same locations. Do you know why? Thanks.

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What does PCT stand for? Definition of PCT in the Abbreviations.com acronyms and abbreviations directory. Find a translation for Pacific Crest Trail in other language Additionally, these maps and resources are available that have been used and enjoyed by other PCTers..if some not used as frequently in some cases. Get Pacific Trail in your store. General product questions. What type of product are you inquiring about? * Message *. Skip to content. Pacific Trail Our trail first follows the Wilderness Boundary along the Sierra Crest line dividing the Stanislaus National Forest PCT-TYT Jack Main Canyon to Pacific Crest Trail in Tilden Creek Canyon

ALDHA-West ALDHA’s sister organization that focuses primarily on Western trails, including the PCT http://www.aldhawest.org/ See more ideas about Pct trail, Pacific crest trail and Trail. Let us take care of the details by joining REI on a weekend adventure hiking along the famed Appalachian Trail Reply The Triple Crown of Hiking: Everything You Need to Know 1 year ago […] every possible water cache and even carry their own water over long distances. Triple Crown hiker Paul Mags highly recommends that hikers do not count on water caches being available, but rather that they […]The PCTA has an excellent overview of the challenges faced by responsible dog owners who wish to hike the PCT.

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A  Pacific Crest Trail planning guide.  A way to get an overview of this wonderful trail without being bogged down with lots of info! Carolyn 'Ravensong' Burkhart hiked the PCT in 1976 and as far as we know was the first woman to solo hike the trail. In the 1980's and 90's she went on to do section hiking with her kids when they were.. Halfmile’s PCT maps have been replaced by a new series of Pacific Crest Trail maps from National Geographic. These handy new map booklets are the result of a collaboration between Halfmile and National Geographic. They can be purchased from the Pacific Crest Trail Association online store or other National Geographic Map retailers.Smart Phone and Tablet apps  Many PCTers with tablets and smart phones now. Various apps are now made to have maps, update journals, mark waypoints, etc. for the PCT. Caveat: Electronic tools are helpful, but should not be your only source of info. All electronic devices are prone to failure. I created this version in response to my first video, The Pacific Crest Trail (Three Second I hope this video continues to spread the beauty of the PCT and share its glory with hikers and dreamers alike

No National Scenic Trail offers wildlife in sheer quantity like the Florida Trail, but there is potential on the PCT to see large, majestic animals like elk, deer, black bear, mountain goats, bobcat.. Then when you pick up your PCT resupply , determine which items you need to send forward. You might also find a good deal at your resupply point on things you will need down the trail

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Best of luck on your PCT journey! If you have any additional questions about this document or the PCT in general, please feel free to contact me.The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is the Appalachian Trail’s more isolated, lonelier western counterpart. For almost 2700 miles the PCT travels from Mexico to Canada. From a high point of 13200 feet in the High Sierras to a low point of nearly sea level at the Columbia River it is a trail of extremes. A thru-hiker on the PCT will go from deserts to snow fields. Will see glaciers, old growth forests, and volcanoes. It will also be an adventure that will not be forgotten. Der Pacific Crest Trail, kurz PCT, ist ein Fernwanderweg in den USA, der über 4.279 km von der mexikanischen bis zur kanadischen Grenze führt. Saskia Haun war 2017 auf dem PCT unterwegs und.. Here is where you can find the perfect trail to get out and have fun! Whether it's cycling through Niagara's wine country, trekking through Algonquin Park or going for an ATV ride north of Superior.. Wilderness Press publishes guidebooks to hike the PCT and are all available from the Pacific Crest Trail Association.  These books are best for informational purposes about the geology, history and general area pre and perhaps post-hike. Few people use this resource anymore except as a general reference.

The Pacific Crest Trail: A Hiker’s Companion by Karen Berger and Dan Smith Though a bit older, this book serves as a nice overview of the trail. Not specific info per se, but gives a flavor of what you will be hiking through. It also makes a good present to give someone who may be curious about what a thru-hike of the PCT involves. It can also be purchased from the PCTA web site. Reply Author Paul Mags 3 years ago Reply to  Stuart Snow I am always partial to the fall in general. Good weather, less people and I really enjoy being out there at that time of the year. PCT Trail Angels is a resource for both Angels and hikers to communicate. So I went hiking last weekend on the PCT near Mountain Center and observed this trend: weekend and day hikers mostly.. PostHoler.Com Maps: Postholer.com has put out a collection of PCT maps as well. http://postholer.com/mapbooks/#pocket

What about Halfmile’s PCT GPS data? Halfmile’s PCT GPS data will continue to be regularly updated.Pocket PCT http://hikethru.com/pocket-pct The Pocket PCT is a lightweight (3.8 oz), pocket-sized (4.25 x 6.88 inches), affordable, and easy to use elevation guide for Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers, section hikers, day hikers and anyone in between. Basically, this is a a quick “at a glance guide” to places along the PCT.As with the desert, traveling in the High Sierras has a set of issues unique for most AT veterans. Crossing snow fields, dealing with bears on a regular basis, and using an ice axe are all issues typically new for most people who have done the AT.  In brief, the High Sierra issues are:

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  1. Reply KC 5 years ago As a novice in California looking to hike 20 miles on a more gentle part of the trail – where would you recommend this novice to start? Thanks.
  2. Altra designs the best shoes for running and trail running. Discover the three technologies that made us unique. Visit the official online shop
  3. Pacific Coast Trail Runs provide the opportunity for runners to push further and find amazement in themselves by offering long distance running events on California's beautiful trails
  4. Maps can be purchased from the Pacific Crest Trail Association online store or other National Geographic Map retailers.
  5. Take your running beyond the trailhead with TRAILSTER GTX. Built to bring you confidence on the trails, this shoe delivers comfort, protection and grip that will make every trail run even more fun

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  1. Check out the most recent PCT Gear Guide here. For this past year's Pacific Crest Trail Thru-hiker Survey, I collected more data than I have any other year (thanks again to everyone who participated)
  2. Offline Maps: Offline Maps done by Noam Gal for the AT,PCT, and CDT that makes use other Backcountry Navigator app.
  3. There is also a special use area in the Three Sisters Wilderness called the Obsidian Limited Entry Area that needs an additional permit for camping.  It is only one mile long, so it should not have an effect on most PCTers.  Note that no additional permit is needed to hike this mile.

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What about Halfmile’s PCT maps? Halfmile PCT maps have been updated for the 2019 hiking season and are available for download now. Hikers on Pacific Crest Trail May 22, 2017. Yt posting pct : my plans. #1 tile format: Mile#-yyyymmdd-trail town you posted from Hikers needing an app that uses the latest Halfmile PCT data could consider Gaia GPS or other apps that import GPX files. It’s easy to import Halfmile data into these apps using the data at this web page.Tom Harrison Maps for the JMT A very detailed set of maps for the JMT portion of the PCT. In a heavy snow year, some people have found these maps more useful than the the PCT maps in the various guide and map books. These maps can also be ordered from the PCTA.As mentioned, an average thru-hike costs about $1000 a month once on the trail. If you take a longer hike, you will need more food, have a greater chance of running into more weather issues,  probably incur more town costs and may need to replace more gear.

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Additionally,  there some other resources listed below that may be of interest if used less frequently by most PCT hikers in most cases.www.trailjournals.com A popular website for all kinds of on-line hiking journals, including ones for the PCT.Hikers will be able to download the Halfmile PCT App from the iPhone App Store or Google Play until March 15th. If the app is installed before then it will continue to work on your Smartphone. Keep in mind the Halfmile app has not been updated since 2015. It does not include data on the 2017 reroute in the Sierra Buttes (north of mile 1203 mileages will be off by 2.5 miles), some resupply information is no longer accurate, and at some point in the future (probably years from now) an update to your smart phone operating system may break the Halfmile app.The PCT and dogs generally don’t mix. More extremes in the environment, more restrictions in some of the California state parks and NPS units along with a less of a dog-friendly infrastructure to get dogs around those places (unlike the AT with its kennel a and shuttle services for hiker’s dogs near the NPS units and Baxter State Park). A legal thru-hike with a dog on the PCT is rather difficult. The complete list of over 100 PCT resupply points. Includes info on distance from trail, food availability, resupply mailing addresses, and more

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This handout will help you prepare for the basics of a journey for this trail. But, as always, you should consult with other resources before heading out on an extended trek in the mountains.Speaking of fires, land agencies are getting strict with the types of stoves being used in the increasingly fire-prone West. In brief, a stove without an on/off valve is often not allowed.  No alcohol or Esbit stoves or campfires basically.Please see this doc I wrote earlier for more information.  Please pay attention to the stove bans. Really.

I feel pretty comfortable with the $1000/mo figure once on the trail. This figure includes food, town stops, and some typical gear replacements (shoes and socks come immediately to mind).Philip at SectionHiker.com has a post comparing GPS-Enabled Trail Guide Apps vs General Purpose GPS Navigation Apps.

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18 thoughts on Darwin's POST PCT Thru-Hike Gear List. BILL OLSON. September 22, 2018 at 1 Yep, I carried a Bear Canister where required, this is the gear I finished with. Check the other PCT.. We are sad to announce the end of life for the Halfmile Pacific Crest Trail app effective March 15, 2019. We no longer have the resources to continue updating the app. Reply Author Paul Mags 5 years ago Reply to  KC California is a large state…where in CA? If in the Bay Area, Desolation Wildersness has many scenic hikes that are beautiful if not overly difficult. I am not in the CA area, so do not have as good sense of geography as others may have. I suspect his book, and similar, may help too. https://www.wildernesspress.com/product.php?productid=17061 The critics have spoken. Proven on track and trail

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Halfmile’s PCT Trail Notes and GPS data will continue to updated — look for 2020 updates on this web site in January. The old Halfmile map PDF files are no longer being updated and have been removed from this website. The PCT has more tread in Wilderness than any other trail. A remarkable 54% of the PCT on federal The PCT is divided up into 29 sections of manageable length. The authors of the Wilderness Press.. Teck's Trail Operations, located in the community of Trail in British Columbia, is one of the world's largest fully integrated zinc and lead smelting and refining complexes Yogi’s PCT Handbook The PCT equivalent of the ALDHA Companion. Much info about re-supply areas, desert hiking, what shoes to bring, etc. Much input from past PCT Thru-hikers. Yogi has thru-hiked the PCT three times herself! Yogi also runs a special where she will print out Halfmile’s maps.  http://www.pcthandbook.com (Full Disclosure: I helped contribute to this book as well as the CDT handbook. I receive no compensation other than helping out a dear friend in addition to fellow hikers)And please do not get a fake service dog patch. You are only making it more difficult for those with a legitimate need for a service animal.

Reply Author Paul Mags 4 years ago Reply to  lorna Parkes That’s a question beyond the scope of this article. I suggest using this article to do some research on possible hiking routes that may work for you: https://pmags.com/how-to-get-backpacking-trip-ideasUS Forest Service Maps for the PCT A series of nine color maps of the PCT that has all the topographic information for the PCT. Some people prefer these maps to the ones in the guidebook. These maps can be ordered from the PCTA.

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PCT - Pacific Crest Trail. CDT - Continental Divide Trail. PCT - Pacific Crest Trail 2017, USA. Hiking From Mexico To Canada. 4'279 km. 5 Months. PCT Most aspiring thru-hikers of the PCT have a few key concerns. Typically they involve desert hiking (sun exposure, heat, water situation), travel through the High Sierras (ice axe use, bear canister regulations, snow field travel) and re-supply.

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is the Appalachian Trail's more isolated, lonelier western counterpart. For almost 2700 miles the PCT travels from Mexico to Canada. From a high point of 13200 feet in the.. Super Trail. Bắt đầu thử sức bản thân với cự li 10km, không chỉ là chạy bộ, bạn còn được thưởng thức phong cảnh tuyệt đẹp với thiên nhiên Đà Lạt. Đây là cột mốc quan trọng trong quá trình chạy bộ The Golden Trail Series exists to celebrate and grow the sport of trail running. The series stands out in the modern sports world respecting unique values like parity, equity, transparency and honesty

Setting up on trail isn't necessarily the best idea because animals also tend to use the path of least Did he actually prefer sectioning the PCT over the AT? Was he potentially interested in seeing me YouTube’s selection of PCT focused videos is extensive. “Homemade Wanderlust“ and “Darwin on the Trail“ are the two most popular.Walking the West: A well-done video about a PCT thru-hike. The lo-res version can be downloaded directly. Also avail for on-line streaming in two parts on  YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AXhlHoNxo8

The PCTA requests that this info is read before filling out ALL the permits.: http://www.pcta.org/discover-the-trail/permits/ World's largest trail database and management system for trail associations, builders and riders. A platform for trail associations to keep track of trail conditions, builders to log work & users to discover.. Journey on the Crest by Cindy Ross A PCT classic. A candid and heartfelt account of Cindy Ross’ journey on the PCT. Many beautiful hand-drawn sketches.

Pacific Crest Trail Reopens Through Columbia River Gorge. The Pacific Crest Trail through Columbia River Gorge has reopened, along with some surrounding trails and.. PORPortland Trail Blazers. NONew Orleans Pelicans. SACSacramento Kings. W:Wins. L:Losses. PCT:Winning Percentage. GB:Games Back. HOME:Home Record Reply Author Paul Mags 1 year ago Reply to  Roger Wagner Before tackling a 30-day hike, I’d get in some easy overnight trips first. A local MeetUp group, outing club, or school organization, is a fantastic way to meet new people and find trips suited for beginners. Once you get your trail legs and have your gear dialed in, then I’d think of longer jaunts. Have fun!See below for information on the resources in more detail. As mentioned the resources above are used the most on the PCT.   Blaze a trail. Make the trailhead your starting line with all the right gear. As the original trail running brand, Columbia Montrail has a history of innovation in crafting world-class footwear and..

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Reply Dan Durston 6 years ago Reply to  Paul Mags Thanks!Reddit PCT Forum: A fairly active sub-Reddit is avail for the PCT  http://www.reddit.com/r/PacificCrestTrail Pacific Crest Trail je přes 4200km dlouhý trek, který vede horskými oblastmi při západním pobřeží Pokud chceš na trail skutečně vyrazit, tak pro plánování je k nezaplacení průvodce Yogi's PCT.. Non-US hikers will need to do additional research. Non-US hikers have had their queries answered on various forums. This page from the PCTA should be a useful starting point.The old Halfmile map PDF files are no longer being updated and have been removed from this website. Halfmile GPS data and Trail Notes are still available for hikers to download. Read about the changes at this link.

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Performance Bike Hubs. Cross-Country & Trail How does the PCT Guide from Brian Johnson compare to Yogi’s guide? I’m planning to use halfmile’s maps, and then I’m looking for a guide with info on stuff to do, trail angels, resupply stops, tips etc. I’m not super concerned with detailed elevation profiles, navigation etc.

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Trail Bikes The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the best trail experiences on Earth. We're on a mission to protect it forever. Join us Additional planning sources include: PCTA.ORG Some more info about thru-hiking the PCT can also be found on the PCTA website: http://www.pcta.org/discover-the-trail/long-distance-hiking/thruhiker-faq/  The PCTA has a Facebook page as well.Plan Your Hike: A site to help, well, plan your hike. 🙂 http://www.planyourhike.com/ Has a good, to-the-point, resupply info document including fuel info.Not quite as popular yet, but As The Crow Flies puts out a free and no-frills town guide for the Dragnet fan (Just the facts Ma’am). More people seem to be using it. A PDF version is available.

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Section hiking with a dog and cherry-picking the places and seasons would work better regarding logistics and your dog’s health.  Go to the desert when it is cool. Hike the national park units on your own and not have to worry about shuttling and kenneling options.  Etc.Halfmile Pacific Crest Trail Maps, GPS files, Google Earth Files, and Trail Notes have all been updated for 2018. Only the Smartphone Apps have not been updated. If hikers need to convert between 2015 mileages (still used by the Halfmile App) and 2018 mileages, a version of the Halfmile Trail Notes has been published that includes both 2015 and 2018 mileages. Live tracking event map for Pacific Crest Trail - Includes leaderboard coverage, race flow, replay and links to individual track history See PCT Map for the most up-to-date GPS and Maps for the PCT I really would not try to get into Canada without the proper paperwork. If you take an alternate route due to snow, keep that in mind too. :O

11-May-2019 Pacific Crest Trail, Cleveland National Forest, California, USA. YOUR RATING. Trail Race 80KM / 50Miles 1 Day. DIFFICULTY Advanced. Visit the race website Reply Author Paul Mags 6 years ago Reply to  Matt They use different datum from what I understand. Good thread with more info: http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/archive/index.php/t-91390.html

Trail Supply Co. is a resupply service for long-distance hikers of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), Appalachian Trail (AT) and John Muir Trail (JMT) Trail data (north and southbound mileage, distance between waypoints, elevation and nearby points of interest) is included for more than a thousand waypoints. Plan resupplies, mail drops and town stops Mobile device reception: On a related note, check out Halfmile’s page for mobile device reception (cell and WiFi)  The PCT terrain varies from desert in Southern California, to the mountains of the High Sierra in Trail information is comprised of landmarks, listed as they occur in a northerly direction, from Mexico to..

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Anyone hiking 500 miles or more on a single trip of the PCT can get a permit for the PCT. This permit eliminates the need to get separate permits for all the national parks, wilderness areas, etc. you will be passing through. For PCTA members, the permit is free. Karel Sabbe, a 26-year-old dentist from Belgium, claims to have set a new record on the Pacific Crest Trail. His GPS track looks legitimate, and, if verified, his time of 52 days, 8 hours.. All PCT Contracting States are bound by Chapter II of the PCT relating to the international preliminary examination. With the declaration provided for in PCT Article 64(5) The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a 2,650-mile national scenic trail that runs from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. The PCT traverses 24 national forests, 37 wilderness..

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