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What does NOCTE mean? This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: NOCTE It has been quite some time since my last Korean expression post. So, it is time for another Korean expression and this time it is a pretty easy and delicious one. Time to talk about pictures and cakes. The expression of this post is “그림의 떡” and it will be your next favorite Korean idiom. meaning definition: 1. The meaning of something is what it expresses or represents: 2. importance or value: 3. The. Add meaning to one of your lists below, or create a new one

Japanese Kanji Blog ». Meaning of Kanji Name: Midoriya Izuku (Deku) My Hero Academia. What is the meaning of the kanji name Izuku Midoriya? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about.. “그림의 떡” is a somewhat depressing proverb, but yet a fun one to use. This expression means whatever you are hoping you cannot gain for whatever reason. It is simply impossible. It is out of reach, taunting you. In English people would say you are chasing a pie in the sky. Meaning. an event that makes you feel happy. something that moves you on an emotional level. to touch someone's heart means to make them feel empathy or sympathy. Synonyms | Related Phrases Learn Chinese with chunks and patterns of Everyday Mandarin Usage: What Does jiāyóu 加油 - Mean in English? Jiāyóu does mean to add fuel, which could mean you should refuel to keep going

그런데 이 그림의 90% 이상이 다른 사람(조수)이 그린 거라면 이 그림 판매는 '사기죄'에 해당할까. 대법원 1부(주심 권순일 대법관)가 소부로서는 처음으로 연 공개 변론에서 ▶조씨가 그림을 팔 때.. Truth be told, idioms are often something you need to hear and seek to understand on your own. In the case of the Korean language, which is chock-full of idioms, you should definitely get familiar with the more commonly-used expressions since they appear frequently in day-to-day conversations.

네이버페이, 삼성페이, 스마일페이, 시럽페이, 셀프페이, SSG페이, 오픈페이, NFC 간편결제, LG페이, 티몬페이, 카카오페이, 케이페이, 페이나우, 페이코. 다양한 모바일 결제 서비스가 등장했다 What is the meaning of life? Try to find your own meaning of life in this article. Have you ever asked yourself what is the meaning of life

유일한 안전장치 전세보증보험빌라 세입자엔 '그림의 떡', 가입 제약 많아 큰 도움 안돼 다주택 집주인 가압류 걸렸다면 다른 세입자는 신규가입 유일한 안전장치 전세보증보험빌라 세입자엔 '그림의 떡' TBH Meaning | What does TBH Mean? TBH started out as the acronym for to be honest. It was originally used — and still is by some — when someone is trying to be frank while discussing an..

As the thot memes continue to roll across the internet, it's time to learn what thot means and what does thot mean? Though it's not a word likely to be added to the Oxford English Dictionary any time.. What does LGTM mean? LGTM is an acronym meaning looks good to me, frequently used when reviewing documents Emotive meaning has no direct reference to things or phenomena but to the feelings, emotions associated with phenomena. It's a connotative meaning, raised in the mind of the speaker and reader.. Population Mean and Sample Mean. The arithmetic mean is the average of a group of numbers and Scroll down the page for examples and solutions on the differences between the population mean and..

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Meaning meaning in Urdu is maa'ini معنی, where Meaning synonym is Import, Pregnant, Significance, Significant, Signification, Substance and also find here definition and translation of.. Note: 쓰다  is only used for clothing that goes on one’s head or face (like a hat or mask). Chinese-English dictionary: 意 ( yi / yì ) (English translation: meaning) as Chinese character including stroke order, Pinyin phonetic DICTIONARY. The Chinese word yi - 意 - yì (meaning in Chinese)

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쏜: Shot, 살: Abbreviation of 화살 (arrow), 같이: Like

This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of CYA is. The slang word / phrase Following audit procedures will help you CYA. See more words with the same meaning: acronyms.. What does racism mean? racism is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of.. Baby Name Meanings, Meaning of Names. Baby Names at The Name Meaning.com. Welcome to TheNameMeaning, an online dictionary and encyclopedia of baby names The meaning of the idiom 'driving me nuts' is to be greatly frustrated or annoyed. See this phrase's origin Meaning: To be greatly frustrated or annoyed. The word nuts is sometimes replaced by the.. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Korean with real-world videos.

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Used to describe something that you desire, but cannot have. Pie in the sky I'm looking for the meaning of tqt? The abbreviation tqt (French) means t'in tqt meanings, definitions and examples. Related abbreviations '그림의 떡' 마일리지 쓰기 쉬운 항공사는 어디? CBS노컷뉴스 이재기 기자 메일보내기 What does GTFO mean? Find the GTFO meaning as it's used all over the internet on websites like Find the meaning of GTFO and Hashtag GTFO that's used commonly on Instagram and other forms.. This expression refers to someone who tries to do everything by himself. It has a negative connotation because it implies that that he or she doesn’t care about other peoples’ opinions. It’s difficult to imagine someone actually playing both instruments at the same time because you would need more than two hands.

바람: Wind, 을: Particle for the object, 맞다 Run into / get / get beaten up. 비맞다 Means “get rained on”

The largest dictionary of idioms and phrases currently in use in British, American and Australian English. Over 12,000 phrases and expressions It’s easy to visualize what this expression is meant to illustrate—an establishment that’s so empty that the bulk of the employee’s work for the day is shooing away flies. What does Hwy mean? Learn the meaning of Hwy on Slanguide, keeping up with the latest trends in internet slang. This must be the most beautiful hwy..

Our goal is to help anyone with the wish to learn Korean by maintaining a large, yet simple Korean grammar bank that can help others master the language. 그림의 떡の意味:絵に描いた餅、高嶺の花. 韓国語辞書ケイペディア However, it doesn’t always have a positive connotation. For example, one can also “put wind” to a ridiculous request in order to increase the chances of someone doing something they wouldn’t typically do.They may share a common profession, familial bond, personality, etc. You can use this idiom in much the same way as its English equivalent, “birds of a feather flock together.”

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It's difficult to define 'uwu,' as it doesn't have an exact meaning in the way that LOL means 'laugh out What does uwu mean? As the image above illustrates perfectly, uwu (also stylized as UwU or.. 아반떼 값 2000만원대 아우디A3, 막상 '그림의 떡'? | 아우디가 소형세단 A3를 최대 40% 할인한 2370만원에 판매한다고 밝혔다news.joins.com 엠 means mother that is used as slang, swearing. and 창 means 창녀(chang-nyeo), which means prostitute. It is also used when strongly arguing that what you say is true. If the word is wrong, it..

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SMH is a popular texting and chatting acronym that means shaking my head. It is most commonly used to This page explains what the acronym SMH means. The various definitions, examples, and.. An indepth look at the meaning and etymology of the awesome name Enoch. We'll discuss the original Hebrew, plus the words and names Enoch is related to, plus the occurences of this name in the Bible meaning meaning, definition, what is meaning: the thing or idea that a word, expressio... someone wants you to understand from what they say, do, write etcmeaning of The meaning of her words was.. Перевод слова meaning, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования

FluentU really takes the grunt work out of learning languages, leaving you with nothing but engaging, effective and efficient learning. It’s already hand-picked the best videos for you (which are organized by level and topic), so you simply choose any video that strikes your fancy to get started! Meaning of the words. We'll give you the romanized vocabulary and Korean alphabet (한글 However, the meaning of these terms expands much further than just your blood related siblings MEAN Meaning: intend, have in mind; Middle English mēnen, from Old English mænan intend (to do something), plan Definitions of mean from WordNet The feeling can be a bit more than just jealousy and often includes a sense of disappointment. The idiom is used when the envied person in particular is someone you know and is close enough to you that seeing their moment of success feels like a punch in the gut.

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  1. 그림의: On a painting, 떡: Korean rice cake. This phrase refers to something that you want but can't This Korean expression means that the subject is extremely busy (hence he doesn't have time to..
  2. What does 'yeet' mean? Skip to sections navigation Skip to content Skip to footer. Our network. As an exclamation, yeet broadly means yes. But it can also be a greeting, or just an impassioned grunt..
  3. Weblio辞書 - meaning とは【意味】意味,わけ... 【例文】a word with several meanings meaningの 品詞ごとの意味や使い方. 名詞 不可算名詞 可算名詞としての意味・使い方 形容詞としての意味・使..
  4. Idioms are strange and fun expressions that are in every language, but your textbooks and translator apps might not cover them. After all, the meaning of any idiom can closely reflect its specific phrasing or seem completely unrelated.

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The name Alizeh is a girl's name of Persian origin meaning wind. This old Persian name was chosen by actress Geena Davis for her daughter. It's an attractive variation on a name that exists in dozens of.. The expression is very relevant in a time where balancing work-life can be a common issue today for Korean natives. [선공개] 구분불가! 갑부표 그림의 떡. 채널A Home. 2년 전|조회수 50회

고슴도치: Porcupine, 도: Also, 자기: His or her, 새끼: Offspring,  는: Particle for the subject, 예쁘다: Pretty

Question: What is the meaning of BC and AD (B.C. and A.D.)?. Answer: It is commonly thought that B.C. stands for before Christ and A.D. stands for after death.. This is only half correct 가장 유명한 영어사전인 옥스퍼드와 콜린스 컨텐츠를 토대로 더 풍부한 뜻과 유의어, 예문을 제공 In English Wet behind the Ears sounds like the day one’s ear was pulled out. Also Korean say the blood on your head is not dry. HMU meaning Hit Me Up. This a widely used slangs language by teenagers. HMU means Hit Me Up. Used widely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats app and other messaging application

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FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. PartnershipsInterested in sharing your language learning resource with our audience? Contact Us to request information about sponsored posts and product reviews. 그림의 떡 is a somewhat depressing proverb, but yet a fun one to use. This expression means whatever you are hoping you cannot gain for whatever reason meaning is: ⓘClick the infinitive to see all available inflections. v pres pverb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, a singing bird, It is singing

그림의: On a painting, 떡: Korean rice cake

Literally, rice cake (tteok) in a picture. Native calque of 화중지병 (畵中之餠, hwajungjibyeong, cake in a picture). Compare 화병충기 (畵餠充饑, hwabyeongchunggi), Chinese 畫餅充飢. IPA(key)[kɯɾimɰi t͈ʌ̹k̚] ~ [kɯɾime̞ t͈ʌ̹k̚] Basic info: owo is an emoticon used in chat rooms similar to o.o but the 'w' Is supposed to make it cute. What does it mean? owo means, a blank stare, but in a cute way

시작: Initiative, 이: Particle for the subject, 반이다: Half

Each word in the interactive captions comes with a definition, audio, image, example sentences and more.This phrase actually means to get cheated on a price, to get ripped off, or pay for an overpriced item.You’ve probably seen it before—someone doing their very best to get in another person’s good graces, usually in flirtatious situations. (The resulting display can be quite amusing!) In Korean lingo, this kind of performance is equated to that of an animal eagerly wagging its tail.

Example: 이 롤렉스 시계는 그림의 떡이다 – “I can’t afford this Rolex (but I want it).”There are plenty of Korean idioms involving body parts, many of them dealing with one’s physical wellness (or illness). This idiom suggests that the speaker is so occupied that they don’t even have time to move their eyes or nose, an exaggeration that any overwhelmed employee or student can understand! Thinking of names? 2020 dictionary on Baby Names and name meanings with 100000+ names 51 отметок «Нравится», 5 комментариев — Yuuuuuuume (@l_yuuuumi) в Instagram: «ㄱ ㄱ ㅑ 그림의 떡 민뿌님 빨리좀 오시죠 ?? #굴따러가세#동래맛집#시원자몽»..

우리 means we or our(possessive). There's also the humble form 저희. 내 is a contraction of 나의 It means my. Due to Korean culture, to show respect, humility and a sense of community/nation.. A human condition in which they cannot exist in a meaningless state, even if they do live in a meaningless state, they need to pretend they exist in a world of meaning

Figurative language is not meant to convey literal meanings, and often it compares one concept with another in order to make the first concept easier to understand. However, it links the two ideas or.. 너무 한가해서 파리를 날리고 있다 (nuh-mu hahn-ga-heh-suh pah-ree-reul nal-ree-go eet-da)See if you can find instances where you can put these expressions to use—maybe you’ll get the chance to impress actual native speakers!    

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  1. What Does TFW Mean? Sharing experiences online in a. While TFW is generally meant to be accompanied by a descriptive sentence of some sort of relatable situation, it can be paired with a..
  2. The Meaning of Ikr
  3. Search Names, name meanings, etymology and history of names, surnames, cities and more. You have came to right place to find thousands of names and meaning of names
  4. Maybe you can pick the phrase apart and understand it word by word, but that just leaves you thinking, “What in the world does that mean?”

Life Has No Meaning. I know this may sound strange, but you must first understand that at its core, life is The greatest power that has been gifted to each one of us is the power to give meaning to life Search thousands of teachers for local and live, online lessons. Sign up for convenient, affordable private lessons today!While you can say this phrase to say you have a stomachache, the idiom suggests that you’re envious of another, usually because they lucked into riches or happiness and you haven’t.

You can use FluentU’s unique Quiz Mode to learn the vocabulary and phrases from the video through fun questions. 1. Korean Proverb: 그림의 떡. Pronunciation: Crim-ue ddeok Literal meaning: A picture of a rice cake. பழமமமொழி :ஏட்டுச் சுரரைக்கமொய் கறிக்குதவமொத! 2. Korean Proverb: 고생 끝에 낙이 온다 This Korean phrase means that someone or something is super fast. If someone can run like an arrow, he or she must be really fast!

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  1. This number is a palindrome, meaning that it looks the same when reversed. It is also the 17th tetrahedral number, meaning that if you pile up spheres so that successive layers form the triangular..
  2. FluentU keeps track of what you’re learning, and tells you exactly when it’s time for review, giving you a 100% personalized experience.
  3. Fun. 그림의 떡. 17. 4815
  4. Korean Idioms & Proverbs: 그림의 떡 - Morning Lands. Every language has them, so there are plenty Korean expressions and idioms. The next Korean expression in the series is: 그림의 떡
  5. Literally, “rice cake (tteok) in a picture”. Native calque of 화중지병 (畵中之餠, hwajungjibyeong, “cake in a picture”). Compare 화병충기 (畵餠充饑, hwabyeongchunggi), Chinese 畫餅充飢.

As an observant person you will no doubt have noticed that the proverb “그림의 떡”, like 가는 날이 장날, comes without a verb. This means it is a highly flexible proverb you can blend into many sentences. Of course it needs to fit the sentence. If you want to keep things simple you can just attach the copula 아다 to it and be done with it. That is the easiest way of doing things.Most parents can probably relate to the true meaning of this Korean idiom: Every parent thinks his or her baby is pretty.

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  1. 당신의 맛있는 식사를 책임질 떡베스트 15곳 추천 맛집 15곳의 레스토랑을 망고플레이트에서 확인해 보세요 - 압구정공주떡집, 모찌방, 전포명가떡집, 진아떡집, 경기떡집, 강정이넘치는집, 공주떡집..
  2. Literally, “My friend is inflating going to the movie theater.” In other words, “My friend is making a big deal about going to the movies.”
  3. Renge, meaning lotus blossom, is a metaphor that offers further insight into the qualities of this Mystic Law. Kyo literally means sutra and here indicates the Mystic Law likened to a lotus flower, the..
  4. 그림의 떡과 같은 존재인 여자와 힘없이 그림의 떡을 바라보는 지상의 평범한 남자가 묘한 인연으로 만나 사랑에 빠지는 이야기를 그린 드라마. 그림의 떡. 2018 · NTV · 드라마/로맨스/TV드라마 일본
  5. Korean idiom 한국 숙어/속담 그림의 떡! Pie in the sky in English (literally means Rice cake in a picture) That means that no matter you want to eat, you can't..
  6. Word meaning is studied by the branch of lexicology called semasiology. Among the word's various characteristics meaning is the most important. There are different theories of the nature of meaning
  7. Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) is a standard way to measure the error of a model in predicting quantitative data. Formally it is defined as follows: Let's try to explore why this measure of erro

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What is search engine optimization -SEO- meaning in Hindi आसान शब्दो में -वह सब तरीके है जो website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) meaning in Hindi. SEO एक process है जिसका use कर के हम अपने.. $1.25 Monday, June 20, 2016 제작 과정② 제작 과정 및 제작 방법, 예상되는 문제점 제작 과정① 제작 과정 및 제작 방법, 예상되는 문제점 제작 의도 : 한 여고생의 과거와 현재 그리고 미래의 성장기를.. And I said, I don't get what you mean. So can someone help me? What does NGL mean? My friend sent me and he said, Believe me, NGL

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그림의 떡 - Korean Idioms #19. 3 Speed Only. With Explanation. You really want it, but you cannot have it or do it for some reasons. This is called 그림의 떡 in Korean Meaning of Pleading Face Emoji Yin-yang is a complex concept in Chinese culture developed over thousands of years. Yin-yang means the intersection of two universal opposing forces 다른 언어로: 스페인어 | 불어 | 이탈리아어 | 포르투갈어 | 루마니아어 | 독일어 | 네덜란드어 | 스웨덴어 | 러시아어 | 폴란드어 | 체코어 | 그리스어 | 터키어 | 중국어 | 일본어 | 아랍어 Idioms are both puzzling and interesting, and sometimes even profound. Read on to find out the true meaning behind 10 well-known Korean idioms.

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Find the meanings and spelling of words, including a pronunciation guide. Includes several dictionary tools and guides for words and writing help ⇒Google Meaning of Palindrome

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Shutterstock 컬렉션에서 HD 화질의 아이소메트릭 벡터 그림의 예산 관리 개념계산기와 스톡 이미지와 수백만 개의 사용료 없는 다른 스톡 사진, 일러스트, 벡터를 찾아보세요 This is the collection of Kanji that is provided in the 6th Edition of Remember The Kanji. This is meant to make it easy to add this list.. Meaning is what a word, action, or concept is all about — its purpose, significance, or definition. If you want to learn the meaning of the word meaning, you just need to look it up in the dictionary

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  1. From Japanese 香 (kaori) meaning fragrance. It can also come from an alternate reading of 香 (ka) combined with 織 (ori) meaning weaving. Other kanji combinations are possible. It is often written..
  2. Meaning of name Origin of name Names meaning Names starting with Names of origin. 그림의 떡. geulim-ui tteog figurative rice cake
  3. '그림의 떡' (Literal meaning= Rice cake on a painting) --> '그림의 떡' refers to something you want but cannot afford. 예문(example sentences) 저 시계는 그림의 떡이에요
  4. Morning Lands is a community dedicated to Korea, its language and culture. We are just a bunch of Korea enthusiasts.
  5. This idiom, which is also a proverb, states that a crayfish would instinctively side with a crab because they look similar. The expression suggests that those of similar backgrounds or characteristics tend to agree with each other.
  6. MEANING: Siobhan is another Irish form of Joan meaning God is gracious. A popular name in Ireland where the anglicised versions are often used. Siobhan McKenna, an Irish actress who died in 1986..

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  1. That being said, here’s a list of ten common Korean idioms that you’d want to know to upgrade your knowledge of the language. These idioms cover a variety of different contexts, so you’ll probably have no trouble using them in your conversations.    
  2. Learn the meaning of LMAO, other internet slang, and acronyms used in text messaging. What Does LMAO Mean? Quick answer: Laughing my ass off. LMAO is one of many common words used in..
  3. What does 그림의 떡 mean? Answers. What are disagrees? Same meaning with Pie in the sky. 그림 is picture, and 떡 is rice cake. So it's rice cake in the picture

Seven Types of Meaning in Semantics. A M.A Project By Litton Prosad. Introduction: The word semantic (from French sémantique) was invented by Michel Bréal during the 19th century If you enjoyed this post, you’re already halfway to having the time of your life learning Korean with FluentU!

Meaning: Someone doesn't even think about giving you a rice cake, but you already have drunk [tteok jul sarameun senggakdo anneunde gimchitgukbuteo masinda]. Meaning: Someone doesn't.. Explanation: 감쪽 comes from the word 감쪽같다 which means barely noticeable. Add 녀/남 which is simply a gender signifier [female/male] to the first two letters 감쪽 and you get the word 감쪽녀/감쪽남 Match the idioms and sayings with their meanings #모터그래프 #싼타크루즈 #픽업트럭 쉐보레 콜로라도가 국내에 출시되며 픽업트럭이 인기를 모으고 있습니다. 현대차에서도 새롭게 픽업트럭에 도전을 하는데, 우리나라에는 못 팔 가능성이 높다고 하네요 Every language has certain expressions that have deeper meanings. When you’re taking Korean lessons, it can be fun to learn these Korean expressions. Here, Paradise Valley, AZ teacher Hannah V. teaches you 10 Korean idioms…

HMU meaning Hit Me Up. This a widely used slangs language by teenagers. HMU means Hit Me Up. Used widely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats app and other messaging application Here’s another idiom involving the eyes that paints quite a picture! You can probably think of a time when someone (or you) reached their breaking point and snapped. Of course, people’s eyes don’t literally turn upside down when this happens, but the expression does reflect a loss of normality. Find the sentences that are closest in meaning exercises help ESL EFL students improve their reading and understanding skills and prepare for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, PET, KET, BEC Preliminary.. to listen to something so much that it isn't appealing anymore (osity is stuck in one's ears)a call. 그림의 떡. pie in the sky FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks.

Rice cakes, 떡 (dduk), are staples of Korean cuisine. They can be eaten as a snack but often make their most notable appearance in more formal or celebratory affairs. Culturally, they’re associated with fortune and giving. Just like a rice cake in a picture, this idiom illustrates the inability to snatch up and consume a similarly delectable item, whether it’s a new computer or a job promotion. TikTokers are welcoming people to the Simp Nation but what's the meaning of it? Well, it's like the What's the Simp Nation meaning on TikTok? A simp is a boy who does something nice for a girl.. Definition of 綺麗な, meaning of 綺麗な in Japanese: 1 definitions matched, 1 related definitions, and 4 Meaning of 綺麗な in Japanese. It seems that 綺麗な(kireina) is an inflection of 綺麗 with the..

It's what even native speakers also feel confused. #1. 어떡해 It's the shortened form of 어떻게 해. But normally 어떡해 is used when something undesirable has occured. In this context, it means what.. WHAT does the dating term ghosting mean and how does it fit into modern dating? It's a controversial tactic but it's starting to become more common and it came to attention again when Sherif on Love.. This idiom is similar in phrasing and meaning to the English idiom “to put wind in one’s sails.” It’s a common expression meant to express the moment when one is enticed into action, whether it’s because of a stroke of fortune, inspiration or encouragement from another individual.Note: 새끼 is used for animals’ offspring, so be careful not to use this word if you’re referring to a human baby.

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Purpose and Meaning of education, education is a process, Aristotle said education is Educatwrn and Educare means to train, to bring and to nourish' while educare' `means to lead out', so we can.. What Does LGBTQ+ Mean? LGBTQ+ is an initialism that means: L Lesbian. G Gay If you want to know meaning of any specific word, you can put it in the comments section. We will try to answer your query ASAP. Commonly used Punjabi words and their meaning 그림의 떡. 최근 수정 시각: 2020-05-16 07:49:33

This expression refers to someone from a small town with an ordinary background, who has had great success. In Korea, 용 has a positive meaning. When it’s used to refer to a person, it implies that he or she is extremely successful. The meaning that the construction creates is very difficult to translate, but easier to describe. As I mentioned in the previous example - the important thing to remember with this meaning is that the.. Meaning definition, what is intended to be, or actually is, expressed or indicated; signification; import: the three meanings of a word. See more The meaning and origin of the expression: Suspension of disbelief. What's the meaning of the phrase 'Suspension of disbelief'? The temporary acceptance as believable of events or characters that.. 2. 그림의 떡: 아무리 마음에 들어도 이용할 수 없거나 차지할 수 없다 Bánh vẽ: Dù có ưng ý 무일푼인 우리에게 진열장에 놓인 만두는 그림의 떡이었다 Cái bánh bao được đặt trên giá đó giống như là..

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